Thursday, 23 July 2009

Upcoming Science Events 2009-2010

These will be a number of Science Events taking place this year.

  • September/October CLEAPSS Practical Skills and Techniques in Chemistry in NEELB, SELB and WELB. SELB venue is St Patrick's HS Keady on Friday 2nd October.
  • January 7th - 9th 2010 the ASE Annual Conference University of Nottingham with International Day on Wed 6th "Science Without Frontiers"
  • March 12th - 21st National Science and Engineering Week; the theme will be ‘Earth’.
  • March Primary Science & Technology Challenge heats in SELB area schools
  • May - CCEA practicals Chemistry th (or th); Physics th (or th)
  • June ASE Northern Ireland Biennial Conference Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th
  • June Young Innovators and Primary Science & Technology Challenge final, W5 Belfast
  • July ASE National Technicians’ Conference and Training Day in NSLC York

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