Monday, 24 August 2009

SELB Science Technician News

You can find news here or check our School Documents site on September 25th 2009 Anyone attending the CLEAPSS Practical Skills & Techniques in Chemistry on September 30th will have been informed of the date change to Friday 2nd October. Check regularly for new course details on School Documents.

September 23rd 2009
Look out for CLEAPSS Bulletin No. 136 which will be sent in SELB Schools' Post this week.

August 24th 2009
Don't forget to fill out the ASE Science Technicians' survey (members and non-members) at: The first major survey of science technicians was carried out in 1990 by the Association for Science Education. The results were published in 1992 as "Technicians - an Invaluable Asset". A further survey was carried out in 2000 jointly with The Royal Society and two reports published in 2001.
The purpose of this survey is to collect information on how the 2000 survey has affected the role of the science technician, if at all. ASE then want to use this information to lobby Government in Westminster and Local Assemblies in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to go further than recommendations and strive for the creation of a nationally recognised and implemented qualification and career structure for science technicians working in education.
The questionnaire is in two sections: Section A for all technicians is about working conditions. Section B for senior technicians is about the school background. A final report will be prepared and made available at ASE Annual Conference 2010. Summary reports will also be available. The survey takes approximately 30 mins to complete.

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