Tuesday, 1 September 2009

CLEAPSS Chemical Safety for Technicians in Dromore High School

This course took place on May 13th 2009 in Dromore and was presented by Joanna Sacks from CLEAPSS. The aims of the course are to use CLEAPSS information and practical skills to find information on chemicals and their hazards in school use
and to handle chemicals safely for school practical work.

The following topics will normally be covered:
Using CLEAPSS materials
Chemical names for beginners
Chemical hazards and how to work with them
Preparing chemicals for lessons using safety information
Storing chemicals
Waste from lessons and stores
Chemical emergencies.

Demonstrations, paper exercises and practical sessions are included to increase technicians’ confidence. Opportunities to ask questions on matters relating to chemicals in school occur during the day.

Use CLEAPSS information and practical skills to:
- recognise chemical names and the potential hazards of those chemicals
- explain the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemicals
- explain how to deal with chemical emergencies

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