Friday, 5 February 2010

2010 International Year of Biodiversity

The United Nations has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB). Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. It includes the whole of the natural world and is essential for sustaining the natural living systems that provide us with food, fuel, health, wealth, and other vital services. Biodiversity enriches our lives in so many ways, that we often take it for granted. It has shaped our culture, our traditions and societies. It is the basis of economy and trade, it provides services essential to human well-being such as climate control, pollination, flood protection, and so many others. If the current loss of biodiversity continues, we will not only be poorer, in every sense of the word, but our very existence will be threatened.

We have the power to protect or destroy our biodiversity. Currently, our activities are destroying biodiversity at alarming rates. These losses are irreversible and damage the life support systems we rely on. But we can prevent them.
We need to reflect on our achievements to safeguard biodiversity and focus on the urgent challenges ahead.

Now is the time to act.
This year is your chance to learn more about the rich tapestry of life around you, discover why it’s important for a healthy environment and get involved in monitoring and conserving your local wildlife.
We will be running a programme of events throughout 2010 to celebrate and promote International Year of Biodiversity. Stay up to date with upcoming events and ways to become involved here and at

Text and image taken for the NI Environment Agency website :

Newry & Mounre District Local Biodiversity Action Plan:

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