Friday, 2 April 2010

ASE Annual Conference 2010

This year’s ASE Annual Conference was held amid the snow and ice of a chilly Nottingham from the 5th-9th January. The University of Nottingham campus hosted a wide ranging programme of continuing professional development with a large choice of events across all student age ranges and aspects of science education.

With so much choice it was hard to decide between the host of worthy workshops and events, and difficult choices had to be made. For every venue attended there were at least two others you would have gone to if you only had time. But whatever the choices made you always come away from the conference with the batteries charged, full of enthusiasm and a host of new ideas and a potential shopping list as long as your arm from the visiting exhibitors.

The social programme included “What Robin Hood Never Knew Or The Science of Archery” in which Mark Stretton, an acclaimed expert, distinguished between fact and fiction and explained the science behind longbows. In addition there was some simple dance tuition and demonstration from professional dancers in “Strictly Come Dancing” and of course the Association Dinner in the East Midlands Conference Centre.

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